2015 Design Trends

Mosaics vary from all sorts of shapes and sizes, colors, stone to glass, and textures. This elevates a space from ordinary to elegant. Mosaics are now more than just glass chips in a medallion. Mosaics come in circles, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, ovals, and squares. This breaks the patterns up so you have a little variety. Natural stone mosaics give you a hint of luxury. With their being different shapes and sizes in a mosaic you can break it up with using a little bit lighter or darker grout. Wood mosaics are in, they are made from old reclaimed wood from like old sunken wood boats or ships.

Glass mosaics come in multi colored hues so you get away from the 1”x1”. Pencils tiles and resins (metallic or satin finished tiles or pencils) expand the definition of a mosaic. Glass mosaics are changing from being just glass to have pieces of natural stone in it to give you a couple different colors to work with. Mosaics are popular for using as a backsplash in your kitchen to breaking up the tile in a shower with a mosaic border. Pencil borders are also becoming for prominent in you shower around in shower niches you may have or as a border to a bathtub.

Soft Textures
Soft textures are a hard one to come by. Polished and a semi-gloss tile are still in demand, but that doesn’t mean that the matte finished tiles won’t be making a comeback. Tiles that have a semi-gloss or a matte finish let you create a different livable feel. Also with their being some many varieties of wall tile you can break it up instead of using a wall paper and paint. That allows you to do different patterns or textures for your wall giving it a more finished look without the mess.

Wood looking floor tiles gives you that warmth feel from the wood without being wood. With the latest in tile technology they are able to give you varieties of wood flooring that you didn’t think was possible. Planks vary in sizes from 4”x18” to 9”x36”. The longer planks are what’s in from the 6”x36” to 8”x48”. Reclaimed, barn wood or aged looking wood gives you a rustic type feel to it.

Subway Tiles 
Subway tiles are becoming more and more popular because they aren’t just your basic ceramic white anymore. They come in glass, and stone. The glass subway tiles can be used in kitchens, and bathrooms and you can do a variety of patterns to your standard brick lay to a herringbone pattern. The stone subway tiles come in travertine, marble, and slate. With stone being a natural stone it has many color varieties so no one tile will look the same as another tile. Travertine tiles are becoming popular in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. The thing to remember is sealing your stone to protect it from spills that may happen. Also depending on the traffic in the room depends on how often you would have to seal your stone.

Gray will continue to be the hottest color in 2015. Colors such as clay, taupe, and other neutrals will also be making a comeback. Soft blacks will also be a part of the mix as it can start out to rival the black. While using these color choices pastel colors will also become part of the mix as they join the color palate. Colors like peach, coral, and purple will become a basic backdrop for some of the key elements that are already in the room.

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