About the Artist

Robert Hennessy, artist and musician, inherited an innate artistic sense and creative eye, through his deep Italian heritage. A self taught artisan, Hennessy learned from an early age to create works of art with his hands. Using precious stones, tile and other earthen materials, Robert makes unforgettable pieces that enhance any space. Since retirement from a successful remodeling and flooring business in Western North Carolina you will most likely find Hennessy in his art studio working on the next project.

Robert’s Sicilian heritage has a very special spirit…”some sort of charming magic shines thru when he brings his visions to life”, says Robert’s wife Michelle. “Every time you visit Italy, you leave a part of your soul, feeling sorry to leave again. I really think that’s where my husband finds his inspiration. We both have a love for Italian art, culture and history.”

Robert’s wife Michelle, is also an artist and teaches a variety of computer, art and marketing classes. Michelle currently operates MsBiz Marketing, LLC. You may view Michelle’s portfolio work at www.michellemccain.com.

Together, they live in beautiful Costa Rica.

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